The Importance Of New Technology In Rehabilitation Of The Child With Special Needs


In recent years, computerization has become increasingly strong and to integrate pupils with different disabilities, helping them to create the best conditions for living and working. In this regard, many software programs have been developed for people with mental, sensory, motor or other disabilities. Unfortunately, there are very few teachers who have heard about these programs and, above all, know how to use them in direct work with the student in difficulty. Based on these facts, this article aims to identify teachers’ attitudes towards computer penetration in special education. In order to achieve this, we have conducted scientific research, part of the much wider European project, by applying a questionnaire of over 75 articles to a sample of 185 students preparing for the future teaching career. The results of the research are extremely interesting and demonstrate that the majority of the subjects in the research have a positive attitude towards the problematic NTIC that is used in the special education since it facilitates the learning and social integration of people with disabilities. On the other hand, very few respondents who have heard about different computer programs for pupils with NSPs and even fewer are those who use them in concrete situations. In the opinion of the authors, training teachers and students in using new technologies in special education or purchasing software for the therapy of various types of disabilities becomes very necessary.

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