Non-verbal communication systems Enriching the Aumentative and Alternative Languages with Accessibility and Usability properties

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the WWW should be a source of opportunities for integration, learning, employment and not a set of new barriers that increase exclusion and discrimination. Applying tolos evaluation it is possible to identify and revert these barriers in existing products, promoting access and interaction to people, regardless of their different and / or special capacities. But the real challenge is to contribute to a more proactive scenario, which takes into account these barriers when conceiving and developing new sites and applications. Focused on people with motor and / or cognitive disability and considering current national and international standards, this work is carried out an analysis of the problems faced by this critical group of users of interest to communicate with others and the world around them, and how technology and the Web can contribute to this communication. The identification of barriers is used to propose the design of personalized Web systems of augmentative and alternative communication, that can be enriched within a community, sharing descriptive pictograms in a usable and accessible interaction environment.

Key Words: Pictogram, Motor and / or Cognitive Disability, Accessibility, Usability.

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