C4 Working Group Theme 2 – Vision loss and Blindness

In the framework of the project Teaching and Learning in Special Education with Information Communication Technologies– TELESEICT (Project Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA203-022950) – www.teleseict.com – from 14th to 17thMay 2017, the local working group for the theme 2 – Palacky University, Olomouc, Albanian Institute for Public Affairs and University of Oradea – met in Oradea, Romania, in order to work and discuss around the theme of Visual Impairment.

The first day of the working meeting (15 May 2017) started with a visit to the Oradea University Campus, followed by a welcome meeting with the Director of the Teacher Training Department of the University of Oradea (PhD. Prof. Florica Orţan) and the Vice-Rector University of Oradea responsible for scientific research (PhD. Prof. Eugen Macocean). During the two meetings were discussed aspects related to the specificities of higher education in Romania, in the Czech Republic and in Albania, and new opportunies for international co-operation were identified between the three partner countries.

In the second day of the working meeting (16 May 2017) two institutions were visited which are Silent       partner       in       project.       First       visited       was       « Cristal »       School       Center       for Inclusive  sensory education  from Oradea where  project  team members  have  been able to  see various education and recovery strategies for

visually impaired students using new IT technologies.

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