Nowadays there is no doubt that technologies of information and communication (hereinafter ICT), and their use  ains special relevance in the field of education. The system of education (students, teachers, parents, schools) and the society in general (associations, institutions that work with students with Special Education Needs-SEN, other relevant stakeholders), advocates total inclusion to students with SEN, except in exceptional situations. Therefore, all education professionals (students future teachers, teachers, parents) must acquire the basic theoretical knowledge and psychological principles in the field of teaching and learning difficulties. More than this, special education is not conceived as a specific action, only referred to certain students of different educational stages, previously classified or tagged with, but as attention generalized to all them, although with different degree of intensity or with different strategies, depending on the specific needs. Moreover, reference are not the students ‘with disabilities’ but their needs, related to the optimal development of their abilities (cognitive, emotional, or social).

The main purpose of TELESEICT, having the clear notion of the state of the art in Europe, it’s to raise the awareness in teacher training of the use of ICT – digital competences, when creating good learning environments for pupils in need of special support. Hence, the project will highlight the use of ICT with people with different disabilities in special educational contexts and settings, and thus allow access to ICT for almost everyone that is participating in this process. We want to illuminate the importance of training future teachers, across Europe, in using ICT as a pedagogical tool and how technology impacts the learning process, consequently, our project will gather new tools and strategies to be used in the teaching and learning process, either inside or outside the classroom. The combination of knowledge from the 11 partners will give the necessary European dimension to the
project because everyone will contribute with their experience in one specific area: Intellectual disability, Physical disability, hearing loss and deafness, vision loss and blindness, accessibility.

The training of future teachers, the actual teachers in schools, the parents at their homes, the responsable people in associations or other stakeholders like city-halls, need to know and acquire the most relevant ICT necessary since the society in which we live thus requires us to do it. The outputs created from this project, completely open acess, will allow the share off all content to a vast audience, so the information that come out from TELESEICT will grant information to future (youth workers-students) and present (teachers in schools, people in other institutions and stakeholders that work with SEN) allowing a total immersion on digital era in this 21 milenium.