ICT and functional diversity: knowledge of the teaching staff

Article recovered from:: European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education 2017, Vol. 7, Nº 3 (p. 157-175)


Quality education in equality and equity requires the commitment of all members of the educational community. This is acquired by promoting the ongoing training of teachers, a continuous learning adapted to the needs and characteristics of the students. In this context, this article shows the results of a research whose purpose has been to know the level of training and knowledge of teachers of primary education in Andalusia, regarding the application of ICT to people with functional diversity. The research design used has been of mixed type (quantitative and qualitative methodology), analyzing 342 questionnaires provided to teachers of primary education and 84 interviews with key informants (members of management teams, ICT coordinators, directors and technological advisers of training centers of teachers). Among the conclusions we can highlight the lack of awareness and preparation on the part of the teaching staff, as well as the development of training experiences in this area is still insufficient and, sometimes, non-existent.

Keywords. Information and Communication Technology; functional diversity; interview; teacher training; educational inclusion, accessibility.

José María Fernández Batanero
Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)
Alejandro Rodríguez-Martín
Universidad de Alicante (Spain)

2017 european_journal

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