A view to ICT in the education of disabilities people and with autism spectrum disorders: a topical and bibliographic analysis

Article recovered from: edmetic, 7(1), 2018, E-ISSN: 2254-0059; pp. 43-65, doi: https://doi.org/10.21071/edmetic.v7i1.10030



Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have introduced major changes in social, cultural, economic, but in education there are still elements that limit their potential. The present work includes a theoretical and bibliographic revision with the objective of knowing how it influences the implementation of technological resources in the education of people with disabilities. The review focuses on the compilation and description of academic research published by the journals of Educational Technology such as Communicating, Pixel-Bit, Edutec-e, Relatec and the Spanish magazine of Inclusive Education, the search includes all documents found on The theme that each magazine has done since the beginning of each of them until the year 2016. The sample is made up of a total of 49 analyzed publications whose main results reveal that the Information and Communication Technologies are an effective resource for the Education of persons with disabilities and that, in fact, the inclusion of the use of ICT in curriculum development extends opportunities in the learning process for students with disabilities.

Keywords. Information and communication technologies, education, special education, accessibility for people with disabilities.

Gema Silva Sánchez

Junta de Extremadura (Spain)

Francisco de Paula Rodríguez Miranda

Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)

2018 edmetic Fco Paula



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