Inclusive education in mainstream schools in Greece

 Quality indicators for special needs education


The rights of children with special educational needs are outlined in Law 2817/2000 and are guaranteed by Presidential Decrees and Ministerial Acts. People with SEN have the right to free diagnosis, evaluation and education according to their individualised education programmes based on their special needs. All necessary support is provided to people with SEN in order to facilitate their entry to higher education, as well as their appropriate vocational training and rehabilitation programmes. The Greek State has established a system of services that operates in such a way as to achieve successful inclusion, in order to ensure high-quality provision for special education. The description of the system can be summarised as follows:

  • Free public education for all students with SEN
  • Free services for diagnosis, assessment, counselling and facilitating procedures, such as Greek sign language interpreting, Braille courses, etc.
  • Provision of support services for mainstream settings
  • On-going programmes which support early intervention
  • In-service training for teachers, practitioners, educationalists, social workers, psychologists, etc.

Inclusive education in mainstream schools in Greece

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