Initial Teacher Training in the Use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Education of the Disabled.

The benefits and opportunities that ICT offer to the disabled become essential tools in all areas of life: education, training and employment. The initial teacher training is essential to ensure that the use of ICT in inclusive school successful. This study aims to determine the level of training and technological knowledge that future primary school teachers have about the application of ICT for people with different types of disabilities. The simple consist of 154 students from Grade Primary Education of the University of Seville. General aspects, visual impairment, hearning impairment, motor disabilities, cognitive disabilities and accessibility: the COTETICNE questionnaire, already validated by Cabero, Fernández & Córdoba (2016), consisting of six dimensions are given. Students showed very Little knowledge regarding the application of ICT for people with disabilities and their knowledge was variable depending on the type of disability. Action is needed on initial teacher training, giving the opportunity to acquire skills, abilities and skills in the use and incorporation of ICT in inclusive classrooms.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT); inclusive Education; special
educational needs; initial training faculty.

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