C5 Working Group Theme 3 – Intellectual disability

Project Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA203-022950
MINUTES: Local meeting in Patras, Greece
Topic: Intellecutal Disabilities and ICT’s
21 & 22 May 2017

– Hungary: Anita Habók, Tibor Vidákovich and Anikó Zsolnai
– Turkey: Ümit Sahranç, Çelik Eyüp
– Greece: Pantelis Kyprianos, Nektarios Stellakis, Christina Marangou, Aggeliki Mpelavgeni,
Elena Kontou, Athina Nassar

The meetings were held at the
Library of the University of Patras.
During the first session after the welcome speech of Professor Kyprianos the participants had
the chance to hear some teachers working in Special Education sector in the area: Theodoros
Lyris and Evaggelos Ketrinis, Principal and Vice Principal of 1st Technical –Professional High
School of Patras, Melpomeni Kordistou, Ioanna Christogianni and Giorgos Potouridis from 1st
Elementary Special School of Patras as well as Dr Theoni Mavrogianni, Psychologist, Head of
KEDDY (Diagnostic center) and Dr Maria Geronikou, from Dpt of Logotherapy, Technological
Educational Institute of Western Greece.


Program Minutes