Investigation on ICT applied to people with disabilities. Initial training of Primary Education teachers

Article recovered from: Fernández Batanero, José. (2017). Investigación sobre las TIC aplicadas a personas con discapacidad. Formación inicial del profesorado de Educación Primaria. International Journal of Educational Research and Innovation (IJERI). 215-264.


The study aims to analyze the level of training and technological knowledge of students who attend the Degree of Teaching in 6 public universities of Andalusia, has regarding the application of ICT for people with disabilities. The sample consisted of 323 students who studied the Teaching Degree in the Andalusian public universities of Seville, Granada, Malaga, Huelva, Jaén and Pablo de Olivier University. The methodology used was quantitative, using a descriptive ex post-facto study, using a non-probabilistic causal or accidental sampling. Among the conclusions highlight the low training that the students of the Teaching Degree present regarding the application of ICT for the disabled.

keywords. Information and communication technology, disability, educational inclusion, accessibility.

José María Fernández Batanero
Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

2017 IJERI -wos- Eloy

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