Technological innovation of a multi-sensory room for disability with free software

New technologies are increasingly used in therapeutic interventions for people with disabilities.
These kinds of technologies include tools like free software for visual, auditory, motor, cognitive
and communication disabilities. Furthermore, multisensory rooms are environments where the
senses of a patient are deeply stimulated and also providing benefits such as feelings of wellness,
relaxation and security for users. Some studies in people with autism show that, apparently, the
use of multi-sensory environments is more effective in improving social behaviors than in improving
aggressive and stereotyped behaviors. In order to unify the benefits offered by the use of free
software with the use of multisensory environments, an institution dedicated to the care of people
with cognitive disabilities was proposed endow a multisensory room with free software tools for
cognitive and communication disabilities. This paper presents the experiences of this proposal.
Although further studies are needed to determine if there are measurable changes in patients,
the institution’s therapists notice positive changes in the patients who have been included in this
kind of therapeutic intervention.

Key words: Multisensory environments, Free software, Catch attention, Voice stimulation, Autism,

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