Community based services for children with disabilities – Best Practices Analysis

The analysis of best practices in implementing the ‘Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities’ Project has been prepared at the request of Save the Children in the framework of this project. The “Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” project is supported by The Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies and was implemented by Save the Children for a period of three years, in partnership with the local organization ‘Help the Life’ and in cooperation with the municipalities of Durres and Vlora.
This project has enabled the establishment of two centers for community-based services, which provide quality services for children with disabilities.
Through the identification of best practices in the implementation of this project, the aim is to encourage replication of such practices by other stakeholders, local government institutions, local organizations, other civil society organizations, local and foreign donors. This analysis is expected to serve the further work of Save the Children in protecting and improving the life of children with disabilities in Albania.
The latest data show that there is a figure of 14 578 children with disabilities identified through the services and MCDLA. The number of children with disabilities is even higher, as it has been noted that many of them are outside of the supportive scheme for various reasons.
7.8% of children with disabilities that are receiving disability allowances that are receiving rehabilitation services.
66% of children with disabilities live in low-income families.
58% of mothers and 33% of fathers are unemployed.
55.0% of parents report that the costs of obtaining the service for these children are unaffordable or totally unaffordable for them.
1 in 3 children with disabilities face discrimination in public services, such as health or social services.
It is true that in recent years there have been many positive developments in meeting the legal and policy framework for persons with disabilities in Albania. But that is not enough. What is currently missing is the engagement of local government institutions, in the context of administrative reform and decentralization of social services, in concrete actions and addressing identified challenges and problems based on positive models and best practices.

Best Practices Analysis for children with disabilities in Albania

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