Perceived School Support in Inclusive Education

The aim of this study is to adapt Perceived School Support Scale in Inclusive
Education (Ahmmed, 2013) to Turkish. In the scope of the research, adapted
scale was applied to 221 teachers. In confirmatory factor analysis, it is observed that
one dimensional model which consists of eight items adapted well. In order to
examine the psychometric properties of the scale, internal consistency, item and
factor analysis were conducted. Internal consistency analysis results of the scale is
.85 were found, it was seen that the required rate was achieved with reliability by
analyzes. Original single factor structure of PSSSIE (Perceived School Support
Scale in İnclusive Education) was determined to comply with Turkish sample in
accordance with the results from item distinctiveness and confirmatory factor analysis
(x²= 97.57, sd= 20, RMSEA= .133, NFI=.92, NNFI= .91, CFI = .93,
IFI=.93,SRMR=066, GFI= .90).In this condition, for the Turkish sample group of
the scale is expected to be applied to determine “Perceived School Support in İnclusive
Education” levels of teachers in education process.
Keywords: Inclusive education, validity, reliability

Arslan,S. & Kılıç,Y. (2016). Perceived School Support in Inclusive Education. Erzincan University Journal of Education FacultyArchiveVolume 18, Issue 1. DOI= 10.17556/jef.50307

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